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Liège waffles stand as the quintessential street food of Belgium and the most common kind of waffle sold in the region. At Mirabelle, we want to bring our southern roots to bare on the long standing traditions from cultures all over the world.

Our liège waffles are an authentic homage to the street waffles of Belgium. The naturally fermented dough has a unique brioche quality that is generously studded with rare pearl sugar for texture and sweetness. They are then pressed in a cast iron waffle maker to golden brown.

Our coffee program, lead by Good Citizen Roasters, searches the globe for the best and most interesting beans to supply unique and exciting flavors for you to explore. More than the coffee itself, we honor traditions from Vietnam all the way to Los Angeles in the design of our specialty drinks.

And, of course, if you're visiting from one of those far away cultures, or just need a place to stay, our vintage inspired suites are furnished in era-appropriate southern charm and updated with modern amenities for truly outstanding comfort.

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The Chocolate Library

Bean-to-Bar Chocolates From all over the World

A varied selection of chocolatiers producing sustainable chocolate with clean ingredients and paying people fairly along the way. Our library includes chocolate from several single-estate productions and from farms that support all women work teams. We've curated a mixed selection of pure bars and inclusions.

Our library features Fossa, Brasstown, French Broad, Markham & Fitz, Pump Street Bakery, Friis Holm, Xocolatl, Idilio Origins, Amano, Amedei, Askinosie, Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé, and of course the legendary Chapon. We are always sourcing and adding new chocolates as we find purveyors who fit the bill and make astoundingly good chocolate.

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Modern comfort steeped in southern charm


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The Suites at Mirabelle

A vintage setting in the heart of Savannah

Mirabelle is a vintage 1800's era building set across from St. Johns Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in Savannah.

The collection of suites consists of 2 king suites and 2 queen suites, all of which overlook the cathedral to the east. Each suite is uniquely styled in era appropriate luxury and class, but layered with modern comforts and technology. We provide fiber internet, smart TV's, Google Homes, and stock the bathrooms with Public Goods' uber-clean products, from shaving cream to toothpaste and everything in between.

Leland Suite Waverly Suite
Rosemary Suite The Pearl Suite
The Whole Building